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Friday, March 4, 2011


Winter is here!  We know that!  Today, is particular difficult to get around Michigan, because of the sheet of ice. 

I always put raisins in my bag, when I go out.  Today, I forgot.  I was starving.  Where do you find something to eat when you go out?  If you go to a resturant, you are left with a quick salad.  I can admit after a week that just a salad doesn't cut it for me.  I am still hungry after the salad.  I have tried adding things, like mushrooms or other fillers, with little to no benefit.  I will still have to look around for something else.

I went to a raw cafe here in Michigan.  It was good.  It was filling, but far away for a quick fix.  I went a few weeks ago.  I had cheese cake.  It had too much lemon for my taste.

The other day, my daughter, made really good fudge balls.  It was close to the cheese cake taste.  I used cashews instead of the walnuts for the cheese cake filling.  It didn't work out.  I will work on it more.  It needs time.

I do like the taco salad with hot peppers. 

Have a Great weekend.

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