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Thursday, March 3, 2011


The first time making something in the kitchen and she made the fudge balls better, than me.  She made them lighter and fluffy.  I really wasn't watching her, to tell what she did different.  I think she picked really soft dates and added extra raw vanilla.  I wish I did know for sure what she did different.  I really liked them and they didn't need the coconut. 

I do have trouble after eating the fudge ball working out at the gym.  They are very heavy on the stomach to me.    Instead of a hour workout, I spent the time in the sauna.  I think the sauna is wonderful for you.  I was lucky to have the whole space to myself.  I forgot my towel, so I used the gyms towels.  They are a little small for me.  I am not a large person, so that means the towels are very small.

I had  bananas and fruit during the day.

Lunch and dinner - taco salad with extra tomatoes spicy peppers. 
I love things spicy.
Of course, I had fudge balls. 

The sun is out again!  It is time to wash the car.

Have a great day.

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