Welcome To My Adventure!

Trying to become raw is adventure!

Friday, March 25, 2011


It is difficult when you go out with friends.  It is harder, when you go to families house or they come over.  They know you.  It is difficult to say no to family, when they know that you love it and they made it just for you.    It is even harder when they live with you.  They buy all your old favorites. 

I got a hair cut yesterday.  I love the new cut.  I love the short ready to go haircuts.

I need to find a raw bread to eat one of my favorite raw dishes.  It is made with eggplant.

Eggplant stuffed

I will add the recipe tomorrow.  They are raw, and filling.

Have a great weekend.

I am going on a road trip to take my niece back to school. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am still learning about being raw.  I am always reading.  I had trouble with going out with friends.  I hate breaking the raw life style.  I am still learning how to do it.  I will get there. 

I just read about lettuce.  The lettuce you use when eating out, makes the difference.  You can't get full from iceberg lettuce.  That was my mistake.  I sat in the restaurant, with my salad, feeling upset.  So, I broke for awhile.  I going to get back to it though. 

I love the raw life style.  I really do.  It is healthy on my system. 

Tell me about your experience.  How are you doing and what do you when you go out? 

Have a great day and have fun.

I used to love exercising.  I used to spend every morning exercising, then start my day.  You feel good, knowing that you did something make yourself healthy, now I have food too.  You feel good that you are eating something that is good for you..

What brightens your day?  What makes you feel good?  Is it the sun?  I love the sun, green grass and the beach.  As you get older things that make might change.

It is your day, smile and make the best of it.  If you are starting this raw adventure with me, let me know.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Winter is here!  We know that!  Today, is particular difficult to get around Michigan, because of the sheet of ice. 

I always put raisins in my bag, when I go out.  Today, I forgot.  I was starving.  Where do you find something to eat when you go out?  If you go to a resturant, you are left with a quick salad.  I can admit after a week that just a salad doesn't cut it for me.  I am still hungry after the salad.  I have tried adding things, like mushrooms or other fillers, with little to no benefit.  I will still have to look around for something else.

I went to a raw cafe here in Michigan.  It was good.  It was filling, but far away for a quick fix.  I went a few weeks ago.  I had cheese cake.  It had too much lemon for my taste.

The other day, my daughter, made really good fudge balls.  It was close to the cheese cake taste.  I used cashews instead of the walnuts for the cheese cake filling.  It didn't work out.  I will work on it more.  It needs time.

I do like the taco salad with hot peppers. 

Have a Great weekend.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


The first time making something in the kitchen and she made the fudge balls better, than me.  She made them lighter and fluffy.  I really wasn't watching her, to tell what she did different.  I think she picked really soft dates and added extra raw vanilla.  I wish I did know for sure what she did different.  I really liked them and they didn't need the coconut. 

I do have trouble after eating the fudge ball working out at the gym.  They are very heavy on the stomach to me.    Instead of a hour workout, I spent the time in the sauna.  I think the sauna is wonderful for you.  I was lucky to have the whole space to myself.  I forgot my towel, so I used the gyms towels.  They are a little small for me.  I am not a large person, so that means the towels are very small.

I had  bananas and fruit during the day.

Lunch and dinner - taco salad with extra tomatoes spicy peppers. 
I love things spicy.
Of course, I had fudge balls. 

The sun is out again!  It is time to wash the car.

Have a great day.