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Monday, April 18, 2011


Everyone should grow wheat grass.  It is easy, even I can grow it.  I just love the look of it growing in my Kitchen.  There is nothing like green to make me happy.   Wheat grass is very heathy for you, too.
I bought the wheat grass seeds right from the bulk foods store. 

I have herbs growing also, I like basil, Rosemary and Parsley.  I am going to grow other too.  Herbs are a nice way to bring green into the house and lifts your spirit. 

I am still 90% raw.  It has been a hard battle but I am finally making it slowly.  I usually eat fruit during the day and salads in the evening. 

My brother was using Splenda for his coffee.  I convinced him to use Agave instead.  He is hooked.  My brother is the one who got me to go Vegan.  He is encouraging me to go raw.  He is not, but he is still encouraging me.  He knows our past history and what challenges we face. 

We both have digestive issues.  He is not ready like me to go a 100% raw, but at least he is trying to help, me.

I wish my kids would try going raw.  I have included raw items into their diet, but since, my hubby is still a meat eater, the kids fall behind him.

Have a Great Day in the snow!  Yeah! We have more snow!  It is Michigan, what do you expect?  I think we are the ony state that is so unpredictable that you keep your winter clothes out all year around.  I have put my away.  I guess, I forgot.  It has been 25 years since I have lived in Michigan. 

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